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Great Ness Oil producers of the finest Shropshire Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Producers of the finest Shropshire Rape seed Oil, Great Ness Farm is situated in the heart of Shropshire, the largest of English inland counties bordered by no less than eight other counties, four of which form part of the principality of Wales. Great Ness therefore enjoys a stunning location adjacent to Nesscliffe with uninterrupted views to the surrounding hills, Wenlock Edge,The Wrekin, the Breiddens, Long Mountain and the Stretton Hills.

The Warner family has farmed in this idyllic area for three generations totalling more than 57 years. We are actively aware of the responsibility of having stewardship of this magnificent site and have always farmed with the environment close to our hearts using only the minimum amount of chemicals and fertilisers wishing to preserve the natural balance.

It goes without saying therefore the growing of genetically modified crops has no place at Great Ness.

The farm has been expanded from 132 acres in 1949 to 1100 acres to date. It is a specialist

arable farm cropping wheat, oilseed rape, fodder beet and potatoes.

Caring for the Environment

During the last 17 years or so we have planted around 5 acres of traditional woodland accompanied by almost two miles of mixed hedgerows, these projects, coupled with the creation of six pools or wetland areas within the farm have succeeded in reinforcing the natural habitat for the indigenous local wildlife.