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Eastern Selection

Eastern Selection Gift Pack


3 x 100ml bottles one each of Cardamom, Lime and Orange Zest.

Aromatic, fruity and citric notes come through in this exotic selection of rapeseed oils. Cardamom is a lovely complement to the citrus flavours of Orange Zest and Lime. The three oils work well independently or together – in both savoury and sweet recipes. Cardamom is used widely in Indian cooking and Scandinavian baking. A little cardamom goes a long way. The infusion into the rapeseed oil delivers a delicate flavour without needing to pod and then grind the seeds – much more convenient for cooking. Lime provides a citric bite in dressings, fish dishes, curries and baking. Orange is extremely versatile, whether used on its own or with either the cardamom or lime. This selection of oils helps you to be creative in the kitchen…

Great Ness Cardamom oil
great for:

  • Lamb, marinades and stir fries.
  • Chicken, rub into the skin for an aromatic hint.
  • Rice, add whilst cooking and chop in a few dates.

Great Ness Lime oil
great for:

  • Haloumi, fry thin slices – so good with this salty cheese.
  • Fish, drizzle over for a citrus bite.
  • Salads, drizzle neat over leaves or combine with a good balsamic vinegar.

Great Ness Orange Zest oil
great for:

  • Salads, drizzle over even from the bottle.
  • Salad accompaniment, mix with a good balsamic vinegar then slice
  • nectarines and skinned red and yellow peppers thinly, combine all the
  • ingredients, leave for 30 minutes and serve with barbequed meats.