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Battlefield 1403, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Battlefield 1403

From Arrows to Sparrow’s

Featured Stockists 2012A famous place and year. The Battle of Shrewsbury took place on 21 July 1403. A battle fought between an army led by the Lancastrian King Henry IV and a rebel army led by Henry (Hotspur) Percy from Northumberland. This was the first battle in which English archers fought each other on English soil.  King Henry won the battle and Henry Percy was killed.

Now in peaceful times the Battlefield is part of the Albrighton Estate where Joyce Jagger’s family are the 6th generation to farm the estate since 1853. The award winning delicatessen and butchery stocks an amazing range of excellent foods and locally sourced products including a full range of Great Ness Oils coupled with a wonderful selection of beautiful gifts sold in the farm shop this becomes a fabulous retail experience, added to which take the opportunity to visit the Battle of Shrewsbury Exhibition and the Falconry centre.

The Sparrow café provides meals snacks and cakes freshly prepared in their kitchen the vast majority of ingredients sourced locally. Where once English archers fought each other and demonstrated the deadliness of the longbow, this now is a special place of peace,  harmony and pleasure.

The Jagger family and their team of talented staff have created an informative, happy, relaxed and popular visitor centre where everyone feels welcome.

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