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Orange Zest, Cardamom and Lime

New rapeseed oil flavours from Great Ness Oil

Collaboration between two acclaimed Shropshire chefs and Shropshire based rapeseed oil producer, Great Ness Oil has resulted in three new rapeseed oil flavours. The oils have been developed to mark five years in business for Great Ness Oil. Matthew Strefford from the Lion and Pheasant boutique Hotel in Shrewsbury and Michelin trained Ian Matfin, the head chef of the soon-to-open Henry Tudor House, also in Shrewsbury – have assisted with their expert advice. Both chefs use rapeseed oil and add their own herbs and spices for a specific recipe. As home cooks are often looking to chefs for recipe inspiration and ideas, David and Monica Nunn from Great Ness Oil, thought that a little expert insight would be useful. After discussion and experimentation they were down to nine flavour contenders. The final tasting rested in a decision for the immediate product launches and a plan for product development in 2013.

The Winners – Orange Zest, Cardamom and Lime

The outright winner was cardamom as the spice just worked with the oil fantastically with no adjustments.

Matthew Strefford commented after the tasting

If I had to select one product from the possibilities – it would be cardamom.

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Ian Matfin supported this by saying;

Cardamom can be under-used in the home kitchen due to the time consuming process of extracting the seed from the pods. It is though extremely useful in many dishes from simple roast chicken to Eastern influenced recipes, in addition to providing an aromatic element to baking and desserts.

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The challenge was then to find two other oils for the gift pack selection that would work together for all sorts of recipes. Keen to build on experience of consumer preferences in the existing range, took the tasting down a citrus route – due to the popularity of the existing Lemon flavour. Orange and Lime are versatile products on their own and also beautifully complement cardamom with its citric notes. The final three products are Orange Zest, Cardamom and Lime.