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Rapeseed Oil

Following much research into production of rapeseed oil and the subsequent development and marketing of a new brand, Great Ness Rapeseed Oil was formed in 2007.

British Sugar closed their factory at Allscott, Telford in 2007 and Shropshire farmers were looking for another break crop to replace their sugar beet acreage. (Part of a crop rotation, a break crop such as oilseed rape, potatoes, grass leys, peas and beans help to control weeds, improve soil for the following crops such as wheat and barley) Oilseed rape was chosen by many farmers in Shropshire and surrounding counties. In the UK oilseed rape was barely known until the 1970s when an explosion in commodity prices raised the profile and price sufficiently to a high level for farmers to choose to grow it, as a result the total area planted in the UK is fast approaching 800,000 hectares.

Dave and Monica Nunn in their Rapeseed oil field

The vast majority will be sold for use in cooking, processing and now increasingly for use in bio diesel.

2005 saw the dawn of the cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil production. The health benefits of cold pressed rapeseed oil have been well documented for many years now, including the fact that it has 50% less saturated fat than olive oil. It is high in mono & polyunsaturated fats, omega 3, 6 & 9.  It is rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. The feedback from our customers is always enthusiastic. When we first started selling our rapeseed oil, customers would ask “what do we do with it?” now they sing its praises and say they have been using and enjoying it for many years and know all about the health benefits. Some say they have been discharged from coronary care units and advised by their cardiologists to throw all oils out of their kitchen cupboards and only use cold pressed rapeseed oil!!. Now that is a fantastic recommendation, and because it is so versatile they use it for dressings, roasting stir-frys, baking and marvelous marinades. So from near obscurity rapeseed has grown to the most important crop after wheat and barley and along with linseed is the only oil bottled in the UK.

Rapeseed is sown early in Autumn, quietly grows almost unnoticed until it makes its spectacular appearance in May, clothed in its bright yellow petals, after pollination the petals will fall and it will return to almost obscurity when and the seed pod will form and fill with the tiny black seeds and then when ripe will be harvested in July. Gently pressed, no heat or chemical added, then bottled and labeled.  Great Ness Rapeseed Oil, simply pure, purely simple.

So this amazing British crop, some say bearing an unfortunate name. Some blame rapeseed for their hay fever but that can be countered by the fact that rape pollen is sticky and heavy, unlike pollen from trees and grasses, is not widely disseminated by the wind.  Rapeseed oil has lived in the shadow of its Mediterranean counterparts of olive and sunflower oil, but now is recognized by chefs, foodies and nutritionists and celebrated for its culinary and nutritional properties.

Great Ness Rapeseed Oil – The Oil for all Seasons and for all Reasons.

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