Rapeseed oil extra virgin cold pressed

Great Ness Rapeseed Oil

The only oil you will ever need

Grown, bottled labelled on a Farm in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Great Ness Oil are producers of the finest quality rapeseed oil which is extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil.

With half the saturated fat of olive oil and it’s vastly superior Omega 3 content, rapeseed oil extra virgin cold pressed oil is becoming universally acknowledged. Rapeseed oil is fast becoming the essential culinary companion for the discerning chef and cook alike. Great Ness Rapeseed Oil provides the perfect answer to roasting, baking, stir-frying, and marvelous marinades.

The clarity and colour achieved by a three stage filtering process creates an oil of superb quality with a light nutty taste making it the perfect partner for dips and dressings.

Great Ness Oil, due to its high burn point of 230˚C can be used again and again because it does not break down. This makes it economical whilst creating delicious roast potatoes and adding an extra dimension to stir frys.

Anxious to develop our product further we are taking culinary oils

to a new level by creating a distinctive range of superbly flavoured oils each lovingly prepared to enhance your specific needs.

Select from Great Ness Oak Smoked Oil, smoked over wood chips here in Shropshire. Great Ness Garlic Oil with pure oil extract. Great Ness Lemon Oil flavoured with naturally extracted lemon oil. Great Ness Chilli Oil, available as either a mild or full strength option, then Great Ness Basil Oil and Great Ness Rosemary Oil both flavoured with pure herb oils.

Experience our Great Ness Stir Fry Oil a unique blend of rapeseed oil, toasted sesame seed oil, garlic and ginger. To mark 5 years in business in 2012, 3 new flavours were added to the range, Cardamom, Orange Zest and Lime.

You, the consumer are the most important part of our business and we endeavour to act on the feedback we receive from you. Any suggestions you may have regarding expanding or enhancing our range we would welcome your comments, so watch this space…