The Classic Range

Due to it’s high smoke point 230˚c Great Ness Oil can be used repeatedly because it does not break down making it more economic as well as creating superb roast potatoes.

The clarity, colour and natural purity achieved by our highly developed three stage filtering process creates an oil of a superb nutty taste the perfect partner for dips.

With the lowest saturated fat content of any oil (7%) less than half that of olive oil Great Ness Rapeseed Oil is the perfect answer to roasting, stir frying, drizzling, dipping, baking,
and marvelous marinades..

Containing ten times the amount of omega 3 than olive oil, Great Ness Rapeseed Oil is now available in a range of subtle flavours achieved from the infusion of the purest ingredients.
Rapeseed Oil - Classic - 250ml
Rapeseed Oil - Classic - 500ml
Rapeseed Oil - Classic - 1 Litre
Rapeseed Oil - Classic - 5 Litre

Recipes using this oil: